Charter schools vs. public schools

A charter school or a traditional public school: is one better than the other? It's an apples to oranges comparison but one thing is clear, charter schools are forcing changes in the way that we educate our children. And that change is being driven by parents who want more control over their kids education.

KUSI's Steve Bosh has been looking into San Diego's education system and reports on the details.

Technology has changed everything but our school districts today are operating in the same manner as they did 30-years ago. School districts are rigid, their flexibility stifled by union contracts, and rules and regulations that limit what they can, or cannot do.

Parents have become frustrated, and they've begun to take charge. All across California and the nation, parents are turning to charter schools.

Although Former California Education Secretary Scott Himelstein says that research data really says that charter schools, on whole, are not more effective than traditional public schools, but the ones that are, are really effective.

It doesn't mean we should sell public schools short. They also have several innovative specialty schools, and programs.

Charter schools have risen dramatically in California, and San Diego inparticularly because parents are demanding alternatives to an educational system where half of the students are below grade level in basic subjects. Himelstein says more and more parents want education options.

Charter schools and traditional public schools both have advantages and disadvantages. But the fact remains, if regular public schools are not measuring up, charters and private schools will fill that space.

Charter schools are not immune to problems. Just last week six charter schools were shut down in Los Angeles because they were cheating on standardized tests.

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