Chief Zimmerman announces she will not run for Mayor in 2020

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After months of speculation, former Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman will not be running for mayor of San Diego. Zimmerman instead we’ll dedicate her time improving public safety by working with the National University.

KUSI News’ Elizabeth Alvarez has the details.

Former San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman walked into the Sanford Education Center Tuesday wearing a dark blazer and sporting a National University pin.

“My passion is law enforcement not politics and I will not be a candidate for mayor in 2020.”

Instead, San Diego’s first female police chief will continue to serve the community by partnering with businesses and nonprofit organization such as National University.

“Many individuals and groups have reach out to me to run for mayor. I know right now I am disappointed a lot of people and a couple are probably thrilled that I am not running but I am excited for this opportunity here at National University.”

Chancellor Mike Cunningham has appointed her as a professor in the National University system.

“She will be helping us spread the word throughout this country will be going to police departments across the country helping to pass the word about education.

Statistics show that an educated police force through the Bachelors and Master’s degree level has shown improvements in the community,” said Cunningham.

“I’m going to be consulting on leadership guest lecturing on leadership also as we look as best practices for the curriculum to take a look at that because as I said before this is an incredibly challenging time for police officers,” added Zimmerman.

As far as who she plans to support on the growing list of mayoral candidates in America’s Finest City… “I don’t plan to make any endorsements for mayor right now. I don’t think everyone who is likely going to run has announced, so at this point, no.”

The former chief would also not say whether she will consider running for mayor beyond 2020. Her focus right now she said is being a professor and consultant for National University.

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