Chilean Miners: The aftermath

It was the miracle that united the world, after spending 69 days buried underground all 33 Chilean miners were rescued safely.
The biggest miracle of all is that most of the miners are not physically sick or injured because of this ordeal and soon all of the men will be going home from the hospital that has been monitoring their first few days back above ground.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera visited the 33 men at the hospital and the happiness and smiles have not gone away.

The men are still wearing those sunglasses given to them on their voyage out of the ground to protect their eyes from the sun and the lights. For the most part, they are all healthy with a few exceptions, like pneumonia, diabetes, high blood pressure, an eye surgery was completed for one miner and one man needed some dental work. All miners are expected to be back home by Sunday.

But overall, their condition is amazing considering they spent more than two months in a hot, damp rock chamber a half mile underground.

One estimate says that a billion people tuned in for the televised rescue and the publicity is making these men international stars.

But so far, no one will know the emotional or psychological problems they will face months or even years from now. Most experts say because they were together and were able to support one another, it may have helped save their lives. One miner said, “We were ready to die but are glad God saved us.”

Now that these men are international celebrities, gifts and book offers are coming in, one musician is giving each man $10,000 for their courageous experience. There have been vacations and clothing deals offered and even Apple founder/CEO Steve Jobs has sent each miner an ipad.

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