Chinese President tours U.S.; White House visit begins Friday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The White House is rolling out the red carpet for the President of China.

The Chinese leader arrived in Washington Thursday for the State of a Formal State visit.

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have met before, spending hours in private discussions in Beijing last year and in an informal summit in Southern California in 2013.

But this time around, the two leaders may have to exercise a lot of extra care in tackling some sensitive subjects.

President Xi arrived in the Nation’s Capital for a private dinner with President Obama as a prelude to the start of his official state visit on Friday.

President Xi had a busy day in Washington State Wednesday where some big business news was announced.

Boeing will build a new assembly center in China for 737’s and Chinese companies have decided to buy 300 jets from Boeing.

This sets the stage for the formal talks between President Xi and President Obama at the White House.

Some of the thornier issues that have surfaced in the U.S./China relationship include accusations that China is behind a slew of recent cyber-security attacks and concerns about China’s more assertive maritime activities in the South China Sea.

San Diego economists say they are most interested in China’s primacy as a key U.S. trade partner.

The American CEOs who met with President Xi are endorsing an investment treaty that would spell out rules for foreign investors who want to do business in other countries.  

The CEO’s say an agreement with China could open up more of that Nation’s massive market to U.S. companies, while providing much more explicit guidelines for Chinese investment in the U.S. 

In addition to those bilateral talks at the White House, the two leaders will hold a joint news conference and sit down for a formal state dinner on Friday.

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