CHP audit finds no defects in Metropolitan Transit System’s bus fleet

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A California Highway Patrol audit of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s bus operations program found no identified defects to its fleet, MTS officials announced Thursday.

"MTS’ programs, plans, testing, maintenance and vehicles scored perfect during CHP’s unannounced audit,” said MTS CEO Paul Jablonski. "All the credit with this accomplishment goes to the thorough and detailed work by MTS employees in the bus maintenance division.”

State law mandates that CHP’s terminal inspection program take place at MTS no less than once every 13 months, according to the public transit service operator that transports riders around San Diego County by bus and trolley.

The unannounced inspections take two to three days at each division and require examining a minimum of 20 vehicles, focusing on vehicle inspections and preventative maintenance records, drug and alcohol testing, drivers’ service hours, and driver proficiency and training records, according to MTS officials.

Any defects identified must be repaired before returning the vehicles to service.

If 20 percent or more of the vehicles inspected are placed out of service, the system will receive an "unsatisfactory” rating and may be required to cease operations, MTS officials said.

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