CHP tickets 629 motorists during a three-day crackdown on cell phone use while driving

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A total of 629 motorists were ticketed in the San Diego area during a three-day crackdown on those who flout the state's hands- free cell phone law, the California Highway Patrol reported Tuesday.

Among the motorists cited throughout the county during the multi-agency operation last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 593 were caught using standard cell phones behind the wheel and another 36 were nabbed for texting or reading electronic devices while driving, according to the CHP.

A key goal of the enforcement campaign was education, since holding a phone while driving “is clearly a safety concern,” CHP public information Officer Mary Bailey said.

“You need both hands on the wheel for maximum safety,” Bailey said. “We strongly urge all California drivers to act now and utilize an earpiece or other device in order to talk hands-free if it is necessary to use your cell phone while driving.”

An estimated 1.4 million traffic accidents each year are caused by drivers using cell phone, and another 200,000 or more additional crashes involve motorists distracted by texting, according to the National Safety Council.

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