CHP Officers bring children to safety after SWAT standoff

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The tense standoff situation on the freeway on-ramp Thursday was resolved peacefully thanks to the joint efforts to San Diego’s law enforcement community.

There were two officers who played a very visible role in this incident, they were the tones who helped the children to safety.

There were a lot of good guys out there Thursday, but the television cameras just happened to catch the actions of two California Highway Patrol officers who made sure they were there to protect four children.

After a 90 minute standoff involving CHP officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, SWAT and police, the image that produced the greatest relief was the sight of two CHP officers taking two children to safety.

CHP Sergeant Jiri Rutner and Officer Jared Mikulsky were among the officers who responded to Thursday’s pursuit and standoff on Route 52 in Santee.

Police in Southern California had been searching for 43-year-old Daniel Perez and his four boys.

Perez, from the Los Angeles area was wanted in connection to the death of his wife.

From the onset, officers were concerned about the boys, and the possibility that Perez might kill himself and his sons.

It was Sergeant Rutner who took care of the two oldest boys, 11-year-old Jordan and 9-year-old Jaden who got out of the car and sprinted to safety.

But two other boys were still being held inside the car, and no one was really certain what might happen next.

Mikulsky said he began to edge close to the car, when he heard that Perez and the boys were stepping out on the bridge.

Both officers were there to walk 8-year-old Tristin and 6-year-old Alex off the bridge and out of danger.

Not only are they officers, they are also drew on their experiences as dads.

The children have been reunited with their relatives in the Los Angeles area.

Sergeant Rutner and Officer Mikulsky are modest guys who say they are relieved the kids were safe and were only too happy to help.

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