Chris Cate proposes ballot measure to remove height limit in Midway District

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Measure E, would remove the 30-foot Coastal Height Limit within the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan area.

In November 2020, more than 50% of voters were in support of the bill, but a judge stuck down the ballot due to litigation.

The Community Plan Land Use wants to create affordable housing, active transportation, and a healthy environment.

Councilmember Chris Cate is advocating to remove the Midway District and the Pechanga Arena from the 30 foot coastal height limit building restriction.

Chris Cate tweeted, “I look forward to talking to voters & getting these two important ballot measures approved in November. We are going to develop a broad coalition of supporters for these initiatives that will greatly benefit families, neighborhoods, and businesses in San Diego”.

Councilmember Chris Cate, San Diego City Council District 6, joined KUSI’s Jenny Milkowski on “Good Evening San Diego” to discuss his measure ballot.

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