Christian 49, Santa Fe Christian 7

The final week of regular season games has come to an end, and playoffs start next week. The Christian Patriots have had the pleasure of going through the entire season without a loss. Tonight, they took home the win as they played the (5-4) overall, (3-1) in league team, the Santa Fe Christian Eagles. Final score, 49-7, Patriots.

In the first, quarterback David Jeremiah with the screen pass to Joey Morones, and Joey runs the ball 18 yards for their first touchdown, 7-0 Patriots. But the Eagles answer back, quarterback Carter Roberts kept the ball & ran 2 yards for a touchdown, tied 7-7. To finish off the first quarter, it’s the man on wheels, Adrian Petty takes the ball 80 yards down the field for another touchdown, 14-7 Patriots.

To start off the second quarter, Adrian Petty again with the 69 yard run for another touchdown! 21-7 Patriots. Back to the first man with a touchdown, Joey Morones goes 30 yards for another touchdown, 28-7 Patriots. Chad Humphries is next on the list for a touchdown, as he takes the ball in 4 yards to keep their score up, 35-7 Patriots. Santa Fe Christian has the ball, back to pass Carter Roberts throws an INT caught by Patriots J.D. Parker, and he rubs it back for a touchdown! 42-7 Patriots.

In the third, was the last touchdown from either team; Adrian Petty, once again, runs 44 yards. Touchdown! Final score, 49-7 Patriots! Adrian Petty rushed 17 yards for 363 yards on the night!

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