Chula Vista church not backing down in legal battle to resume in person worship

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – The South Bay United Pentecostal Church is not backing down in the legal fight to resume in person worship.

Two months after losing their first Supreme Court case challenging California’s COVID-19 restrictions, they’re filing an amended complaint.

“Since our last filing, several things have happened like the governor instating a ban on loud singing and praise in church, basically all forms of preaching,” said Senior Pastor Arthur Hodges “What makes this different now, is not only are we contending and challenging the governors right to say you can’t worship in a certain way, we’re also challenging the protection of protesters.”

The church is renewing its legal disagreement of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ban by saying the recent protests of racial injustice are protected above a person’s right to worship.

“They have been applauding and lauding violating governor orders because they’re exercising their First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Assembly,” Hodges said. “So we’re saying that has to be considered here because there is a very clear example of discriminating against religious freedom.”

The complaint details a number of other grievances over the treatment of factories and restaurants compared to one’s right to gather in a church. A hearing date has been scheduled for August 12, 2020.

In the meantime, the Pastor is organizing a nation-wide prayer rally in direct support for the lawsuit. Prayer Faith and Freedom rally will be held August 9, 2020 at 3PM. According to the website, organizers are asking everyone to gather at their local city hall, admin building or state capitol.

Go to WWW.PRAYERFAITHFREEDOM.COM for more information.

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