Fire destroys makeshift “shanty town” in Chula Vista

A fire destroyed a makeshift “shanty town” in Chula Vista early Wednesday morning. Several outbuildings were leveled and 2 people were injured, but as it turns out those people shouldn't have been there in the first place.

All that's left of a small community of motor homes are metal trailers and a wooden shed. What caused the fire is under investigation.

Wednesday at about 3:03am, reports of flames showing from the area of 300 Montgomery Street in Chula Vista started coming in. Fire officials weren't sure if it was Montgomery Elementary School or somewhere close to this location.

Upon arrival, firefighters first had a hard time identifying where the fire was, but within minutes they began cutting down fences to get to the flames.  

What they found was a virtual shanty town in the back alley of Montgomery. Two people suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene for burns and smoke inhalation. By the time TV crews arrived, “residents” were nowhere to be found.  Neighbors say the living arrangement is not something they keep tabs on.

Investigators say the nature of the fire points toward arson, but due to the complete destruction of the structures and the steady rain at the time, it may take awhile to determine the exact cause.

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