Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas enjoys weeks long vacation in Italy as trash piles up in her city

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – As the Republic Services worker strike enters its fourth week, trash piles continue to grow and pollute Chula Vista neighborhoods.

Residents are forced to load their trash into their truck beds and take it to the dump themselves, or let it rot in their yards. And as you know, not everyone owns a truck, so they have no choice but to continue piling garbage outside their homes.

And as all this was happening, the Democrat Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Salas, was enjoying a vacation in Italy for the holidays and the New Year.

As expected, many residents are not pleased with the Mayor’s decision to leave the city at a time like this.

Mayor Salas posted dozens of photos of her trip with family to her Facebook page you can see here.

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After nearly a month, no deal has been made between Republic Services and their workers

KUSI News shared the photos to our social media pages, and the reaction from San Diego is not very positive. Check out the comments for yourself on the Instagram post below.


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