Chula Vista Mayor McCann blocked from SANDAG seat for opposing Mileage Tax

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Chula Vista Mayor John McCann was recently blocked from the SANDAG seat his predecessor occupied.

It is common for Mayor’s to nominate themselves to be the SANDAG representative, but City Council has to approve. Since Republican John McCann opposes the unpopular mileage tax proposed by SANDAG CEO Hasan Ikhrata, the all Democrat Chula Vista City Council refused to confirm his nomination to the SANDAG Board of Directors.

This is notable because SANDAG’s Board uses a weighted vote, and Chula Vista is San Diego County’s second largest city, meaning this seat has a ton of authority over the decision whether or not to impose a mileage tax on San Diegans.

McCann told KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego it was “unfortunate,” he was not confirmed to represent the region on the SANDAG Board, as the voters just elected him as Mayor, after he campaigned on lowering taxes and opposing the SANDAG mileage tax.

McCann then said that Democrat Councilmember Andrea Cardenas was nominated to represent Chula Vista by a fellow councilmember, and he wants to make sure that the City of Chula Vista still has a representative, as the second largest city in San Diego County does need representation in that agency.

Councilmember Cardenas will be Chula Vista’s representative on the SANDAG Board of Directors.

McCann did not say whether or not Cardenas supports the mileage tax, but even as Mayor, he has no authority to block her nomination.

Despite his recent mayoral election win, the Democrats on Chula Vista City Council have defied the will of the voters.

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