Chula Vista Mayoral candidate John McCann: I have experience and results to make city better

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Election day is quickly approaching, but many San Diego voters have already received their ballots in the mail.

16-year Chula Vista City Councilmember, John McCann (R), is campaigning against Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar, who has never held elected office.

McCann has prioritized safety in his campaign to become Chula Vista’s next mayor, but his opponent says he has had plenty of time to make Chula Vista safe as a City Councilmember. The Chula Vista Police Officers Association has endorsed McCann, and the recent rise in crime has made the issue a priority among voters.

McCann touted his experience on Chula Vista City Council to encourage people to vote for him, specifically noting his efforts to combat homelessness and new tax increases.

McCann made headlines a few weeks ago after unveiling the results of an “investigation” where he announced Campa-Najjar does not actually live in Chula Vista, and has been staying at his girlfriend’s house in Bankers Hill.

McCann told KUSI’s Teresa Sardina on Good Morning San Diego that he has fought and will fight for tax decreases as Mayor, while Campa-Najjar has supported tax increases during his career. To note, Campa-Najjar told KUSI’s Sardina he will work to lower Chula Vista’s sales tax, which is the second highest in the county.

Sardina questioned McCann about why the City of Chula Vista does not have a homeless shelter. McCann said there was never a homeless problem in the city until the recent cost of living increase and pandemic. The City Council approved construction of the first shelter earlier this year.

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