Chula Vista Mayoral candidate John McCann: I paid market rate for private investigator

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – At the end of September, Chula Vista Republican mayoral candidate John McCann held a press conference to announce that he hired a private investigator to stalk his Democrat opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar.

The goal of the “investigation” was to prove to voters that Campa-Najjar is not a resident of the City of Chula Vista. McCann’s findings revealed that Ammar Campa-Najjar was staying at his girlfriend’s condo in Bankers Hill, for 32 straight nights.

McCann supplied KUSI with 15 minutes of footage showing Campa-Najjar, oftentimes with his girlfriend Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, entering and leaving the Banker’s Hill apartment building. KUSI decided not to publish this footage as it is a bit intrusive.

Campa-Najjar called McCann’s investigation a “circus show,” but it didn’t end there. This week, McCann sent KUSI a new claim that Campa-Najjar is violating election law by failing to report the Tesla he drives as an in-kind gift, since it is registered by his girlfriend, Sara Jacobs.

Campa-Najjar and appeared on KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego on Monday to respond the McCann’s latest attack, to which he blasted as a “desperate attempt from a dying campaign,” as he added that he doesn’t believe voters care about this stuff. Campa-Najjar’s complete interview from Monday can be seen here.

With the election just a month away, Ammar Campa-Najjar has fired back at John McCann, as he says McCann violated election law himself. Campa-Najjar points out that McCann paid a private investigator $1,000 for 32 days of work, which has to be well under the market rate given the investigator’s career background.

Campa-Najjar says the fair-market value of Lawrence Hamilton’s investigative work had to exceed $1,000 for this amount of time, so McCann “received an in-kind contribution from SIU in the form of deeply discounted investigative services. Nonetheless, “McCann did not report any in-kind contribution from SIU on the preelection statement that he filed on September 29, 2022.”

In fairness, KUSI’s Logan Byrnes asked McCann about Campa-Najjar’s charges, just as he asked Campa-Najjar about McCann’s charges on Monday.

McCann denied he only paid $1,000, but his wife said so during their press conference about Campa-Najjar staying at his girlfriend’s house in Banker’s Hill.

McCann then went on emphasize his priorities if elected Chula Vista Mayor, which include lowering the cost of living and increasing the amount of police officers in the city by over 25%.

McCann’s $1,000 receipt for private investigator Lawrence Hamilton’s work can be seen below, on page 29, Schedule F.

McCann’s own report proves he lied to KUSI in this interview about how much he paid the private investigator for “opposition research.”

John McCann Campaign Statement Cover Page

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