Chula Vista Police receive thank you gift from the community and Mama’s Kitchen continues operations

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Early Tuesday morning, the Chula Vista community came together and brought cookies and cupcakes to the Chula Vista Police Department as a way to show their support, honor and thank them for their service. The Chula Vista community volunteers baked over 400 cupcakes and cookies for the officers.

Children of the community also wrote the officers letters. Some of the letters said things such as, “You’re the best”, “I want to be just like you when I grow up” and something simple, such as a, “thank you!”

Lt. Dan Peak went into detail on how well the community has shown their support toward the department and said, “It really means the world to us at the end of the day.”

With the Coronavirus impacting all members of the community, the officers at the Chula Vista Police Department recently switched to an emergency staffing schedule.

However, Chief Roxana Kennedy says, “We will be transitioning back to our normal shifts this week and away from twelve-hour plus days” with hopes that we are heading toward the end of the pandemic.

KUSI’s, Kacey McKinnon also visited local non-profit, Mama’s Kitchen.

Mama’s Kitchen provides meals year-round for people in our community who have medical needs. Mama’s Kitchen remains operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to care and provide meals to the critically-ill.

Over the past six weeks, the non-profit has been a record delivery day. They have seen a 43% increase from just a few weeks ago before the “shelter-inlace” mandate was issued.  Today’s delivery: 615 clients, 5,535 meals.

The work Mama’s Kitchen does for the community could not be possible without the help from the volunteers who show up every single day. We got a chance to speak with one, who says, “love” is the greatest form of gratitude during this difficult time for all.

Mama’s Kitchen needs financial help to complete their mission. To donate, you can visit their website at:

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