Chula Vista saturation patrols

Two days of saturation patrols in Chula Vista
resulted in several arrests for alleged offenses including drunken and drugged
driving and public intoxication, police said on Sunday.

Officers stopped 69 vehicles during the patrols Friday and Saturday, and
arrested three suspected drunken drivers and another suspected of being under
the influence of drugs, according to police officials.

One driver, who was under 21, was arrested for having a blood alcohol
content of more than .01 percent, police officials said. Another driver was
arrested on an outstanding DUI-related warrant.

A juvenile was arrested for possessing alcohol and public intoxication,
but was later released to his parents, police officials said.

One person was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

Four drivers were caught with a suspended license and two had no
license, authorities said.

Authorities said saturation patrols are conducted to increase public
awareness, decrease the number of intoxicated drivers and ensure drivers are
properly licensed.

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