Chula Vistans protest five story complex in one story community

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) — A city council meeting took place Tuesday and Chula Vistans showed up to share their frustration. They’re outraged over a five story condo complex that’s being built in a one-story community.

“What we’re doing here is pleading to our council. Our council is the voice of the community, and they need to understand that were asking for them to stop this project,” said Justino Martinez, who protested the project at a Chula Vista City Council meeting Tuesday.

Protestors stood outside of a Chula Vista council meeting urging council members to stop a five-story housing project at 3rd and K streets near downtown Chula Vista.

“It’s a critical point in which our city council can stop this project,” Martinez said. “They have a choice on whether to listen to an appeal that has been filed or not. If they don’t listen to it then this five story project that is going into this one story community is going to destroy it.”

Residents aren’t opposed to growth or revitalization but they want it done in a “smart way”. The housing project…also known as the Vista Del Mar project would include 76 condo units with room for shops and restaurants at street level.

Chula Vistans describe the area as a retirement community that is full of single story homes. Prior to today’s meeting, passionate residents went door to door to gather votes and gain support.

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