Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness Tips part 2

Full Body Metabolism Boosting Workout! 

Repeat each exercise 2/3 sets of 15/20 reps!

1. Bench jump overs

2. Step press rev lunge biceps

3. Bench squat jumps

4. 4 point squat

5. Bench split jumps

6. Push up and press

7. Double bench jumps

8. Leg drop reverse crunch

Bonus: Twisted Mountain Climbers

Cindy’s Fitness Tips (Part 2)

1. Moderate intensity workouts can improve the quality of your sleep.  

2. Studies show that a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training can help the brain! It not only slows the physical aging of the brain, it also improves your memory and problem solving abilities!

3. A combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training is a sure fire way to avoid weight gain during menopause.

4. To stay motivated to workout, set a goal and then keep a workout journal. It can be very inspiring to actually see your progress charted on paper!

5. When you just do not want to go and workout and feel like you have no energy to do so, this is the time to do whatever you can to make it there. Get there and most likely it will be the best workout you have had in a long time.  Afterwards, you’ll have more energy for the rest of the day and your mood will be lighter.  If you blow it off, you’ll feel sluggish the rest of the day and you’ll make yourself feel guilty for not going. This leads to depression and a vicious cycle of self sabotage.  Even if it’s a short workout, it will help to increase your serotonin levels and make you feel happy and full of life!

6. These days all you hear about is training the core.  Why is this so important you ask? Because the core is what holds your body upright. Your abdominals, obliques, and lower back all make up the core.  Its very important to keep these muscles string so that the rest of your body can function correctly.  If you have ever had lower back problems you understand this. Usually after a back injury you will start noticing hip pain or knee pain. They all work together and if these muscles aren’t strong you run the risk of injuring another part of your body.  Try to hit your local pilates class to understand how to work the core more efficiently. You’ll get better posture while your at it and feel like your literally lengthening your body. 

7.Want a quick fix to shed lose last few pounds?  Then step up your workouts! If you burn an extra 250 calories a day, you can lose 1lb. in two weeks and just under two pounds in one month.  Combine this with proper nutrition and you could lose 2 lbs. per week and 6-8 lbs. in one month!

8. One of the best ways to get a firmer, flatter tummy is to do crunches on a stability ball.  Doing crunches on the ball with its added challenge of balancing yourself has been found to be the most effective exercise when tested with six other abdominal exercises.

9. If you don’t have much time to work out, make the time you do have count!  Do a 20 minute intense interval workout on the elliptical machine or do a cardio/weight training circuit that works the entire body. This way, you are burning more calories in a shorter amount of time.

10. Its good to do your weights before your cardio so that fatigue doesn’t set in during your weight lifting session.  Doing cardio before can effect not only your form but your focus as well which can lead to injury.

11. While it is great to be able to work out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, this might not be good for everybody.  Some people have more energy later in the day. Find the time that works best for you and you’ll have just as good of results.

12. Any time you’re in your car or at your desk, contract your abdominals 50 times.  This w2ay you are getting an extra ab workout in besides your regular work out.

13. By stretching in between sets when lifting weights, you can increase your strength by 20%.

14. Make sure to always take a day off during the week.  Resting your body and getting enough sleep will help increase your fitness benefits and prevent burnout.

15. Focus on your form during any kind of exercise you do.  Try to do each repetition slowly and with precision.  10 good reps will be more beneficial than 50 sloppy ones.  If you aren’t contracting the muscle correctly you are really wasting your time.

16. Reward yourself after you have reached a goal you have made or completed a really hard workout.  You deserve to do something nice for yourself and this will help to keep you going on your fitness plan.

Cindy’s Recipe of the Week!

Turkey Burritos

1 T. olive oil

1 small onion, chopped

½ red bell pepper, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 ½ lb. Lean ground turkey breast

½ cup thawed frozen corn

1 tomato, chopped

1 ½ cup spinach

2 cups cooked brown rice

8 (12-inch) tortillas, corn or wheat, warmed

1 cup low-fat or non-fat cheddar cheese

1 cup salsa

In large non-stick skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add onion, pepper and garlic; sauté 3 minutes. Add turkey; brown, breaking up chunks with spatula. Add corn, tomato and spinach; cook, stirring 1 minute.  Then place ½ cup each of turkey mixture and rice in the center of tortillas. Top with 2 T. cheese; add salsa to taste. Fold up bottom edges, then sides, and serve.

Serves 4

Serving Size: 2 Burritos

Calories: 360

Fat: 8g

Cindy’s Product of the Week! 

If you want to cut fat and get in shape fast, you must focus not only on exercise, but on your food intake. No workout can beat what you eat, especially if you eat the Standard American Diet (SAD). The right meal plan is essential to getting fit, Cindy-style. The good news is, I’ve done all the work for you! Simply follow the meal plan and guidelines outlined here.

Stay Fit and Healthy! 

Cindy Whitmarsh Expert Good Morning SD


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