Circulate San Diego plan to end traffic deaths in South County

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – One week after the City of San Diego touted improved safety conditions at the City’s 15 most dangerous intersections, South Bay leaders addressed the same issue in their cities.  The gathering included an advocacy group promoting “zero” deaths along a region’s streets and at intersections by 2025.

The location:  a busy intersection along Imperial Beach’s ocean-front.  The people:  Imperial Beach and National City officials, along with staff from the local mobility and traffic safety organization, Circulate San Diego.

Under an ambitious goal of zero deaths at intersections and along streets in any region,  promoted internationally by a program called Vision Zero, and promoted locally by Circulate, Circulate has turned it’s attention to the South Bay, after similar help involving  the City of San Diego, which we highlighted last week.

And as was highlighted last week and again Wednesday morning, improved “intersection safety” includes making them more visible, along with timed and verbal countdown signals.

The gathering also highlighted improvements Imperial Beach and National City have already made.

For example,  in Imperial Beach, widening  sidewalks near schools, for students on foot and on bicycles.  in this case, along Elm Avenue in the area of Mar Vista High School

Mayor Serge Dedina telling KUSI, “We’re already embarking on a $10 million project to help pedestrians and bicyclists along Imperial Beach Boulevard and we just took over Highway 75 from the state of California, Palm Avenue, to do the same thing,.”

National City Mayor spoke to us about the “traffic calming” program in her city, where traffic is slowed down along a busy thoroughfare even before it approaches a particular intersection.

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