Citizens subjected to real-life police scenarios

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Saturday, some county residents were saying the following: “I can’t believe how hard their job is.” They’re talking about the job of a police officer because residents were able to walk in the shoes of those sworn to serve and protect us.

Welcome to the split second world of police work, as in shoot or don’t shoot.

Private citizens took part in simulated scenarios.

A drunk man armed with a knife who comes at him, but although the man drops the knife he continues acting like a madman.

If this was a real life police scenario, they would have to decide whether to shoot or not.

It’s this type of real life use of force training that residents get courtesy of National City police.

Here a private citizen, playing the role of a police officer pulls over a pick-up truck. Suddenly, a screaming woman gets out of the truck and makes a run for it.

What should the citizen do? Is deadly force an option?

And when it comes to officer-involved shootings in San Diego County, the vast majority takes place during traffic stops. 

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