City Attorney says Marquez eligible for redistricting body

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Carlos Marquez remains eligible to serve on the city of San Diego's Redistricting Commission because he is still registered to vote here, the City Attorney's Office said Thursday.

The eligibility of Marquez was questioned after private detectives hired by the Republican Party of San Diego County took photographs that purported to show he actually lives in West Hollywood.

Marquez recently left his post at the LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest to join an organization that serves Latino gays and lesbians in Los Angeles.

The commission referred questions about Marquez's eligibility to serve to the City Attorney's Office last week.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and Deputy City Attorney Catherine Bradley wrote in a statement that the Registrar of Voters confirmed that Marquez has been a registered voter locally throughout his tenure on the commission, which redraws the boundaries of City Council districts every 10 years based on updated census information.

“The only question for the commission and the city is whether Mr. Marquez is eligible to vote in the city of San Diego,” they wrote. “The commission and the city must recognize Mr. Marquez as a commission member as long as he is registered to vote in the city and may not look beyond and determine whether he is properly eligible to vote.”

Any question on whether he is properly eligible to vote is up to the Registrar of Voters and the courts, they said. Information on Marquez has been referred to the registrar, but state law gives “great weight” to a voter's intent, with any doubts to be resolved in favor of the challenged voter.

San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric sued the commission and the city this week, claiming the process for selecting this year's commissioners was flawed. He said Marquez and commissioners David Potter and Theresa Quiroz are affiliated with Democratic, labor and progressive politics.

The commission's bylaws call for members to be nonpartisan and impartial.

The redistricting stakes are big this year because a ninth district will be created.

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