City of Carlsbad says ‘no thanks’ to sanctuary status

Carlsbad’s City Council joined the national debate of whether or not to be a ‘sanctuary state’ voting 4-1 Monday night backing the federal lawsuit against California.

They haven’t yet filed a legal brief but voted in support of the fed’s taking legal action against Senate Bill 54.

The bill, known as SB-54  prohibits local law enforcement from investigating an arrestee’s immigration status or even reporting that status to federal authorities such as ICE.

Their support has little effect since Federal officials have made it clear that the law pre-empts a local jurisdictions’ authority.

So far only 3 cities have signed up in favor of the state law, San Diego, Chula Vista and National City.

The official press release from the City of Carlsbad can be read at the link below.

Carlsbad Sanctuary City announcement


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