City Council approves ‘Homes for San Diegans’ measure to raise $900 million to build housing for the homeless

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego City Council voted to place the “Homes for San Diegans” bond measure on the November ballot.

The measure would raise $900 million in local revenue to address homelessness by building affordable and permanent supportive housing in San Diego.

Democrat Councilmembers Jennifer Campbell, Barbara Bry, Chris Ward, Monica Montgomery, Vivian Moreno, and Georgette Gomez voted in favor of the measure, with Councilmembers Mark Kersey (Independent), and both Republicans, Chris Cate, and Scott Sherman opposed.

Councilmember Chris Ward supports the measure because it would build housing for the city’s most vulnerable residents.

If passed by San Diego voters in November, supporters claim the measure would fund the construction of 7,500 homes to transition homeless San Diegans into permanent supportive housing. They say the measure would also provide affordable homes to seniors, families, youth, and veterans at risk of homelessness.

Executive Director of the San Diego Housing Federation, Stephen Russell, discussed the measure in more detail on KUSI News.

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