City Council approves new development and growth plan for Midway area

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There’s been a lot of new development across San Diego, but one area has not seen any major changes in decades. Today, San Diego City Council approved a new community plan for the Midway-Pacific Highway area. The roughly 1,324 acre area is north of downtown and includes the area where Interstates 5 and 8 meet near the San Diego River. The updated plan provides the land use and zoning changes that will allow for more mixed-use development and housing near regional transit centers. The site of the old post office may be one of the new mixed use projects.

A San Diego based developer has purchased the property and plans to build an upscale office complex with housing next door. The land now occupied by the Valley View Casino Center is also ripe for development. The stadium’s lease with the city expires in mid-2020. Under the updated community plan, the land could also be developed as a mix of offices, retail, entertainment and housing. Specifically, the plan would increase housing capacity in the MIdway area from 5,040 units to more than 11,000 in the updated framework, effectively doubling the area’s housing capacity.

The update requires new housing to be constructed in transit priority areas, within half a mile of a transit station. The last update to the Midway community plan was in 1991. Mayor Kevin Faulconer applauded the new framework.

“This will set the stage for the type of development we want to see in the Midway area, like more housing and jobs for residents and a revitalized entertainment district that all San Diegans can enjoy,” said Mayor Faulconer.

The update also allows the creation of 30 acres of new parkland and a multi-use pedestrian and bike path between Mission Bay and San Diego Bay.

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