City Council lays out resolution for next year’s budget

The San Diego City Council is flexing its muscles. It is determined to put its imprint on next year's budget, and it will remind the mayor that our strong mayor form of government includes a strong city council. KUSI's Steve Bosh reports on the council's proposal.

The council is putting together a resolution that will go to the mayor expressing the council's intent to be an equal partner in the budget process.

At a news conference Tuesday morning Council President Tony Young said they are breaking from the past and that the council will take its rightful place in city government. “City leaders will no longer wait until crisis is upon them before acting to resolve our budget problems,” said Young.

The council will no longer wait for the mayor to propose his budget and then react to it, as councils have done in past. This council will come up with its own budget solutions, with the expectation the mayor will include those ideas in his budget.

Council President Young, along with Council Member David Alvarez, unveiled a list of solutions that could save the city $47 million.

“This is a much more proactive way of providing some ideas to the mayor so he can incorporate them into this budget, so that when he comes out with a budget on April 15th there's more of a common ground and less to dispute,” said Alvarez.

If the mayor dismisses the council's resolution of intent he will discover where the ultimate authority lies on budget matters. “The council already has five votes that can eventually put them into the budget before July 1st,” said Council President Young.     

Council Member Lori Zapf says we are now in the post-Prop D world, meaning the voters have said 'live within your means.'

Former Council President Scott Peters agrees, saying, “from time to time you're going to see disagreements evolve and that's healthy, and it's more open than it used to be.”

The message here is not just for the mayor, it's for the, too. Council President Tony Young said that this proposal will also show that San Diegans have a good reason to hope for the future.

The discussion began Tuesday on the resolution to be sent to the mayor, and it will be voted on April 11th. The mayor's budget comes out 4 days later.

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