City Council set to review mayor’s budget

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The City Council Wednesday will begin a six-day review of
Mayor Jerry Sanders' $2.7 billion budget proposal for the fiscal year that
begins July 1.

Gathering as the Budget Review Committee, council members will go over
the spending plan on a department-by-department basis and take public comment.
They can make changes to the proposal before they vote on final approval.

With a budget proposal that is balanced for the first time in years,
there are no contentious issues over spending levels like last year, when
Sanders tried to slice the hours of libraries and recreation centers in half.
The council maintained the hours and, this time around, Sanders is proposing an

The budgets for libraries, and parks and recreation centers will be
taken up in this afternoon's session. In the morning, the council members will
look at the spending plans for the San Diego Police Department and San Diego
Fire-Rescue Department.

Thursday's lineup includes Development Services like city planning,
transportation and storm water, public works and capital improvements. The
schedule for Friday is public utilities, real estate assets, economic
development and purchasing.

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