City employee contracts await ratification

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The City Council will be asked Monday to ratify agreements with unions representing police, fire and other municipal workers that will play a key role in efforts by Mayor Jerry Sanders to reduce San Diego's annual budget gap.

Deals with labor organizations that currently extend to June 30, 2012, have been amended, while those which expired previously will be extended to that date, with key changes that reflect the city's perilous financial condition.

Sanders is expected to release his budget proposal for the next fiscal year later this week. He earlier predicted he would have to close a $56.7 million shortage between revenues and expenses.

Most city workers, covered by the Municipal Employees Association, have already agreed to continue a salary freeze. By June 9, most MEA members will have to decide whether to take 52 hours of unpaid furlough time, waive their right to a 3 percent match by the city to their supplemental pension savings plan, or reduce their pay that's eligible for the plan by 3 percent.

The Teamsters Local 911, representing lifeguards, agreed to similar conditions.

The city and leaders of the International Association of Firefighter Local 145 agreed earlier this week to a pay freeze, but the deal still has to be agreed to by a majority of members.

A two-year deal with the San Diego Police Officers Association, if approved, would be amended to have retirement benefits computed from an average of a members highest three years of base salary — for those hired beginning in 2012. It is currently figured from the officer's highest single year of pay.

The agreements also include the Deputy City Attorneys Association.

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