Jersey Mike’s City Game of the Week: Vista Panthers 42, The Bishop’s School Knights 28

At the Jean Edwards Stadium in beautiful La Jolla High, The Bishop’s Knights (5-5) host the Vista Panthers (7-4) for a League Division contest. The boys know it’s win or go home and it showed in their performance on Friday night as the entire game was a back and forth battle for two reasons, 1. Winning meant another shot in the playoffs and 2. Winning meant one more game with their brothers. In a chase for the lead, the Vista Panthers took the W with a second half comeback against the Bishop’s Knights.

Vista is first to light up the board as #34 Brian Kelly rushes for a 10-yard touchdown.

Taking us into the second quarter, Bishop’s responds as #9 Amaan Banks scores a 5-yard Knights first touchdown. How ’bout another one?  Knights’ #13 Clay Petry passes it to #14 Clarence Freeman iv for a 14-yard touchdown. Moving the chains, #5 Dominic Haley finds #14 Clarence Freeman as he rushes it downfield gaining 37 yards. But wait, there’s more! “Haley to Petry” could have been the catchphrase of the night as the two connected for 5 big plays. With 24 seconds left on the clock, Dom Haley tosses it to Clay Petry for a hat trick …it’s a three-play drive topped off with a flawless 2-point conversion just before the half and it’s what time!? Oh yes! It’s, “Knight time” as The Bishop’s Knights lead the game 21-7.

Third quarter and the Panthers waste no time playing catch-up as #22 David Flores carries it into the end zone for a 20-yard touchdown. This is the point in the game where the power of 80 people on a roster starts coming in handy against the opponent. In a 9-play, 70-yard drive, the Knights run the clock down to 5 minutes when finally, on third and six at the 8-yard line, Dom Haley connects with Clarence Freeman for the Knights’ fourth touchdown of the night bringing the score to 28-14, Bishop’s. I don’t always say it’s a back and forth fight between two teams on fire, but when I do, it’s Vista against Bishop’s in Week 12. To close out the third, Vista’s Brian Kelly scores again and closes the gap. 28-21 Knights.

Fourth, David Flores puts the Panthers in good scoring position gaining 39 yards, and #3 Desmond Taus ties us all up in the last minutes, 28-28. At this point in the game, the crowd is rumbling, loud, and proud! It’s Bishops’ ball until #33 Marcus Jones intercepts a lob thrown by Haley. Davies has a huge 68-yard run giving Vista another chip to put the Panthers ahead 35 – 28. And for the last big play of the night, Vista’s Brian Kelly has an 80-yard run into the end zone for the final touchdown of our Week 12 matchup. Final score: 42 – 28, Vista.  This moves the Panthers to the quarterfinals where they will go head to head against a bye-week rested Valley Center.

Let us not forget that these students hustle both on and off the field as Isaac Arellano and Luis Esqueda are only 2 examples of so many players making it to the post-season while taking the SAT’s. Amazing hustle tonight from Vista and Bishop’s. Both teams rallied to the absolute end which is perhaps the best thing about November football. As Vista anticipates their upcoming duel, our Jersey Mike’s player of the night, Josh Davies has one message to Valley Center, “We comin’, we comin’ for you.”

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The Vista Panthers (6-4) take on The Bishop’s Knights (5-4) this Friday at La Jolla High School. Kickoff is at 7 pm. Week 12 is the start of division playoffs for the teams that made the bracket, and Friday night’s game will determine which of these two teams advance to quarter finals.

As it stands, there are 12 schools total at the start of playoffs. With Poway, Valley Center, Point Loma, and Granite Hills taking a first-round bye, all matchups this Friday will determine which 4 teams will be eliminated and which 8 teams are meeting in the quarterfinals. The winner between Bishop’s and Vista are scheduled to play Valley Center on November 9.

But! Before we start jumping the bracket with every possible matchup in mind, here’s a couple of things to take note of as we anticipate the Panthers and Knights battling it out for their name in the slot. We’ll talk about some of the boys that got it done this season. Give ‘em a high five if you catch them in the halls.

Let’s start with Vista. Our team leaders coming into Week 12 include Junior full back and defensive end David Flores (#22), Senior quarter back Josh Davies (#2), and our Sophomore outside linebacker Zach Schipper (#29). David Flores averages 91.7 rushing yards per game, and scores a touchdown every night he plays. Josh Davies leads the team with 55 passing yards per game. And Zach Schipper puts himself on the map with 0.8 sacks, and 6.7 tackles per game. Vista lost the last 2 games at Rancho Bernardo (36-31), and Carlsbad (28-0).

Over on Bishop’s side. Dominic Haley (#55) puts up 104.5 passing yards per game. He leads the team with an average of 151.6 ypg, 1,213 total yards, with 836 passing yards. Perhaps being a baseball and basketball player makes him the jack of all trades. Right behind, Gabe Thomas (#6) makes it to Week 12 with a total of 516 rushing yards, and Amaan Banks (#9) with 515 rushing yards, and an average of 73 ypg. Those aren’t the only guys with quick feet on this team. Clarance Freeman IV takes on his routes with an average of 8.7 points per game, 68 catches and 12 receiving touchdowns for a total of 1,003 receiving yards this season. Our Knights in padded armor include Graham Cartwright (#7) with 9.1 tackles a game, and Charlie Mossy (#60) with 17 sacks in 9 games. The Knights lost last week against Zephyrhills Christian Academy (23-7).

“Defense wins championships,” could be the anthem for either team as Bishop’s records 66.3 tackles a night, and Vista at 66.6. All in all, we have a game folks, and you can feel the campus excitement in this slightly cooler November air.

Alright, NOW you may jump the bracket with every possible matchup in mind. It’s what PPR November madness is all about.

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