City Game of the Week: The Bishop’s School 42. University City 13

In all honesty, Homecoming is usually the night where you schedule a cream puff opponent to smash in front of students, alumni and fans.

On this homecoming night on Genesse Avenue, the only pastries getting crunched were wearing blue and white.

Fueled by big time performances by Bulla Graft, Grant Seaman and Mozes Mooney, the Knights of The Bishop’s School had an easy night against the University City Centurions 42-13 in front of a packed house.

The number 7 now has two meanings for the Knights: the amount of wins compared to no losses this season, as well as being one of seven schools to still be perfect in San Diego county. They’re also one of the smallest with an enrollment of 800 students.

“We don’t have a lot of guys, but we have the depth we need,” Mooney said. “Everyone on this team is useful. Everyone to us is valuable.”

The Bishop’s School found plenty of value in Mooney, a freshman receiver that put himself on the map Friday night with an astounding 150 yard game with 10 receptions. Pick which one impresses you the most:gaining 10 yards on a fourth and 10, or catching a touchdown just 40 seconds before halftime, or falling out of bounds near the goal line and stretching the ball nearly over the pylon. It looked like a touchdown. The referees chose to put it at the 2.

“Nah, I’m probably out,” Mooney said while his teammates snickered. “The ref got the right call.”

It’s that kind of focused humility that made the Knights so tough to tame. What also helped was the consistent throws from Seaman, as well as a two punch running attack from Graft and A.J. Britanico. The junior Britanico had 14 carries for 80 yards, while Graft had 151 yards of offense to go with two scores.

University City was able to keep tabs in the first quarter, anchored by a 55 yard touchdown run by Dominic Lewis.

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