City of Chula Vista announces steps to protect residents from COVID-19

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas visited Good Morning San Diego to discuss steps the city is taking to protect its residents from COVID-19.

“As a physician, I do want to share that although we are dealing with the novel coronavirus, we are not dealing with a novel problem. Our federal, state, and local public health is used to managing communicable respiratory diseases and they have been doing so for several years,” Dr. Jennifer Farah said at the city council meeting.

Over the past week, announcements have been flooding in about what cities, stores and gyms are doing to protect locals and customers from the virus.

A citywide coalition in Chula Vista is working to implement extra education for employees about proper hygiene and sanitation, executing emergency contracts with sanitation vendors to increase the frequency of cleaning in high-use facilities and extra screening of calls coming into dispatch to protect first responders.

An AT&T employee working at a Chula Vista location tested positive for coronavirus. Six AT&T stores in San Diego County were closed and deep cleaned as a precaution. The patient lives in another county and is currently under self-quarantine.

Fifteen public hand-washing stations will be installed throughout the city over the next couple of days.

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