City of Chula Vista declares State of Emergency after severe rainstorms

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) — Two local cities want to declare a State of Emergency and Chula Vista is one of them, which had some of the worst damage.

The Chula Vista City Council held a meeting Tuesday night to determine if a State of Emergency is warranted.

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In late January, the Chula Vista City Council approved the emergency status and declared that the City’s Director of Emergency Services would obtain any and all local, county, state, and federal aid to assist in recovery addressing the state of emergency.

Chula Vista sustained extensive damage in the rain storms the weekend of January 20-22, which caused downed power lines, fallen trees and large tree branches, flooding, gas leaks and blocked roadways.

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At least 300 trees were damaged or fell in City in parks, fields, and roadways resulting in the closure of one-third of the City’s parks. Rohr Park suffered 58 fallen and destroyed trees and is closed indefinitely.

Chula Vista Police Dispatch was inundated with 911 calls. Typically, they receive an average of 223 calls on 911 per day.

However, on Friday, Jan. 20, they received 475 calls on 911, with 135 calls occurring between 3 and 4 p.m.

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