City of San Diego gets another chance to present Stadium Plan to NFL

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A week from Wednesday, San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland will be in New York City to present their updated stadium plan to the NFL’s committee on Los Angeles opportunities.

San Diego will send it’s entire negotiating team, including Mayor Kevin Faulconer and County Supervisors Ron Roberts.

If Oakland and Alameda County sign off on this new plan, it will be sent to the league.

This new Oakland plan was authored by the consulting firm "Tipping Point Sports," and it certainly has some challenges

"You’ve got a site which has both the A’s and the Warriors also on it and they haven’t shown any sort of interest in living in a construction site for 4 or 5 years," said Erik Bruvold of National University’s Institute for Policy Research.

Bruvold said there’s also problems within the political leadership in Oakland.

"Where both the city of Oakland and Alameda County have an interest in the property and both have to agree and see that the the deal works for them," he said.

A similar deal offered by San Diego Financier Floyd Kephart earlier this year for a multi-billion coliseum plan was scuttled over a political turf battle.

This new coliseum plan does have a development component to help pay for a stadium.

It might generate $3 or $4 million which is the hole that needs to be filled in this plan.

But still unresolved is an agreement on how to pay the $100 million in outstanding debt from the 1995 renovation that’s on the books of both the city and county.

Like Dean Spanos in San Diego, Mark Davis in Oakland said he needs a substantial amount of the public’s investment, about 55 percent of the stadium’s cost.

Officials in Oakland said this is a very urgent plan, a final push to see if they can find common ground.

It’s certainly needed, so far both Mark Davis of the Raiders and NFL Executive Eric Grubman have not been impressed with stadium proposals offered by the city to date.

Next week, Oakland will get its first opportunity to present its plan at a joint meeting of the Los Angeles stadium and finance committees. 

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