City of San Diego is losing about 20 police officers per month

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Earlier this week, the San Diego Police Officers Association released a statement announcing a scary increase of murders in San Diego City Parks.

In the past year, there have been 12 murders. Crime also increased 13% in the City of San Diego in the year 2021.

The SDPOA is calling on Mayor Todd Gloria and City of San Diego leadership to step up and do something about the problem.

To make matters worse, the San Diego Police Department is struggling to keep their experienced officers from quitting.

Former San Diego Mayor and KUSI Contributor, Kevin Faulconer, explained on Good Morning San Diego that when our officers “don’t feel supported by their elected officials, when they aren’t given the tools and resources they need to be successful, unfortunately, we’re going to see what we’ve seen this past year in San Diego.”

Faulconer went on to explain the unpopular “defund the police” movement some of our city officials supported, is a major factor in the current struggle to keep officers employed.

Faulconer remembers a time when he was Mayor of San Diego, and protesters chanted outside his house for days, “defund the police,” but he refused to be intimidated, and increased the City of San Diego Police budget that year to give SDPD the help and support they needed.

SDPD’s struggle to keep experienced officers is no small problem. In the last year, the San Diego Police Department dropped down to less then 1,900 officers.

About 20 officers are leaving each month, with about 190 so far this fiscal year.

Faulconer believes they are leaving because they are not being supported.

Faulconer then called out Mayor Todd Gloria and the entire San Diego City Council for not publicly opposing the Protect Act, the proposed legislation that Faulconer calls the “Protect the Criminal Act.”

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