City of San Diego orders removal of rooftops for outdoor dining

LITTLE ITALY (KUSI) – Hundreds of restaurant owners around San Diego are facing yet another government setback on their road to recovery.

This time, the city of San Diego has said that any “rooftop” covering and “outdoor patio” has to come down by mid-July, including solid roofs and canopies.

KUSI’s Dan Plante joined viewers from Little Italy with local reactions.

The city has said that the structures are in violation of state building codes and fire codes.

The structures get in the way if the fire department needs to get inside, explained Marco Limandri, CEO of the Little Italy Association.

There is still hope that the governor and state legislature could change the building code in California or allow for another extension to the outdoor dining structures, Plante elaborated.

Plante added that lobbying efforts are underway right now across the state to find ways to keep the structures.

Al Fresco Dining 3

Larger structures such as these have to be removed or downsized in a little over one month.


Al Fresco Dining 2

The downsized version features removable umbrellas, tables, and chairs.


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