City of San Diego redesigns another street to prioritize bike lanes over parking

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) -New bike lanes are being stripped along Park Boulevard in University Heights.

Brining out a variety of options, withy some businesses owners saying this will be a major burden for them in the days ahead. They are confused why the City of San Diego, led my Democrat Mayor Todd Gloria, insists on making changes that bring a negative impact to San Diego’s small businesses.

KUSI’s Matt Prichard was live in University Heights where he spoke with business owners opposed to the street redesign, and a member of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, who loves the new design.

Friday on Good Morning San Diego, Ben Evans, the VP of Borelli Design, joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez on Good Morning San Diego to further explain his opposition and frustration with Mayor Todd Gloria and his decision to remove the parking lots on Park Blvd.

Evans say his customers utilize these spots on a daily basis, along with the many other businesses on the street. He and other concerned community members started the website to encourage people to sign the petition to show the City of San Diego how unpopular their choices are.

Evans said the redesign removed eight parking spots and both commercial loading zones. His full interview is below. says:

The bike lane plans for Park Blvd have several flaws and  the City, Mayor Gloria, City Attorney Mara W. Elliott, Sandag  and  City staff have ignored letters, calls and request to meet with the community members, Community Associations, Planning Groups,  business owners and property owners on Park Blvd and museums.  Several Cultural Museums will be greatly impacted by the reconfiguration and  the historical picturesque landscape of Balboa Park will be changed. Safe mobility is needed but needs to take into consideration the safety of all and voters should have their voices heard and acknowledged.

Parking will be removed from Park Blvd and plans are to charge for parking in the Park.

As for Park Blvd from University Ave to Adams Ave  Class II lanes have been changed to class IV with no safety, traffic or environmental  files available to the public. Do they even exist or is this another Gold Coast/ Mire Mesa where they didn’t consider the people or feasibility of their plans . Reducing Park Blvd to one lane and having cars park in the center and people exit  their cars in the line of buses, cars and emergency vehicles traffic on dimly lit streets at night.  All these decisions with no voter approval, government reports including federal ADA laws. The infrastructure from lack of lighting, no drainage, current sloping of streets and  no/crumbling curbs will cause flooding and private property damage. They failed to host  public hearings and they did not notify the community until multiple media coverage regarding the communities frustration over the lack of transparency and communication from Mayor Gloria.


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