City of Santee unveils new brand while celebrating its 40th birthday

SANTEE (KUSI) – The City of Santee has announced the unveiling of their new brand. The unveiling comes as part of the city’s 40th birthday celebrations.

Santee City Manager, Marlene Best says their 40th birthday celebration will be taking place all of 2020. Their new logo, pictured below, promotes the east county city’s new brand along with the text, “Do More, Due East.”

The city of Santee sent a press release announcing the unveiling of the new brand with more details, it can be read below:

Today the City of Santee unveiled a new logo and tagline, which was developed through a formal branding process, and included extensive community research, stakeholder interviews, focus group discussions and community surveys. “We are very excited for this new look to highlight and tell Santee’s story. It will also pair nicely with our 40th birthday celebration taking place all year long in 2020,” says Marlene Best, City Manager of the City of Santee.

In February 2019 the city began the process of developing a new brand to support its economic development strategic plan. The goal was to develop a brand that would boost the city’s multi-year marketing strategy and highlight Santee’s strengths and opportunities to help attract new businesses, visitors, residents and economic investors.

The City’s Envision Committee worked alongside the design firm, North Star, to develop the new brand and preliminary marketing plan. Input was incorporated from stakeholders, residents, business owners, city staff and regional partners to make sure Santee’s true essence was captured.

The purpose of the branding initiative is to differentiate the City of Santee from other surrounding suburban communities in East County.

The new brand provides a modern, streamlined look that will position Santee in the best possible light for years to come. The city’s new logo pulls its inspiration from those wanting a close-knit community and wide-open opportunities to thrive, while emphasizing the natural beauty of the city’s location, which is hugged by Santee Lakes and Mission Trails Park.  It also embraces Santee’s proximity as a strong point of connection and prideful community that affords families the freedom to live their aspirations.

The logo’s simple design allows for a variety of creative applications using art and photography.

The city will formally roll out the new brand and marketing plan beginning January 1st as the countdown begins for Santee’s birthday on December 1, 2020. Stay tuned and stay connected with a list of birthday activities that will showcase the city’s new brand. A list of these activities will be updated regularly on the city’s website at

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