City Game of the Week: Kearny Komets 49, Serra Conquistadors 20


Kearny Komets (11-1) hold off Conquistadors (9-4) for a final score of 49-20 in SD’s crosstown city game showdown.


Kearny running back Duce Reynolds (#1) that is. Reynolds finishes with 4 touchdowns to top his 20 TD season. After a 27-year drought, Kearny will see CIF’s for the first time since their December 8, 1990 battle against El Camino. None of the kids on the team were even born, and their parents? probably jamming to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby somewhere. THAT’s how long it’s been since Kearny’s football team came this far. So stop. Collaborate, and listen. Kearney’s back for the next competition.


Serra’s first touchdown comes at the start of the 2nd quarter. Sophomore back Dustan Ellison (#22) takes it 91 yards for a kick return touchdown, putting Serra on the board, 14-6 with Kearny in the lead.

Komet team captain Devon Jones (#2) produces two touchdown drives. Second quarter, with 8 seconds until the half, QB Kenyon Williams (#6) tosses it to Jones for a 13-yard run into the end zone. Third quarter, Jones runs down a 56-yard touchdown for the 4-score lead, taking the Komets up 28-6.

A huge Komets play in the third. It’s Serra’s 2nd and 10 when Kearny’s Xavier Tate (#5) intercepts the ball making the turnover on downs and setting the Komets up in good scoring position. After a three-play drive, Williams (#6) connects with Demieko Hill (#3) for a 35-yard touchdown and the Komets gain their 5th score of the night. Then just before the fourth, Komets gain another score (42-6), and the 36-point lead kills out the clock for the last quarter.

In the fourth, Serra receiver Willie Peterson (#32) makes a 2-yard touchdown, the Conquistadors score once more before the game-clock hits zero. And the final score is 49-20 Kearny.

Kearny Komets will advance to the Division IV CIF Championships where they will face off against the San Diego Cavers. Friday November 23 with kickoff at 1pm.


The Serra Conquistadors (9-3) will face off against The Kearny Komets (10-1) for a semifinal’s matchup of the CIF Division IV playoffs.


Fresh off a 41-30 victory over the Del Norte Nighthawks, the Serra Conquistadors add a ninth win to their 9-3 record, and advance to the Semi’s. This time last year, the Conquistadors made it to week 13, where they lost a matchup against University City in the D4 quarterfinals. Which means that this year, they’ve advanced one more playoff spot and elevated their game taking their winning percentage from .500 to .750. Let’s take a look at some of our team stat leader’s this season.

Junior QB Timmy Zebroski (#2) finished 9 of 15 for 67 yards last week against the Nighthawks. Zebrowski has thrown for 1,831 yards this season. Sophomore running back Dustan Ellison #22 is on his way to a 2,000-yard campaign as he ran for 1,424 rushing yards this season. Ellison is averaging 129.5 yards on the ground and has scored 23 touchdowns. On defense, Senior Allen Scott #51 is credited with 39 solo tackles, 93 tackles overall, and averages 8.5 tackles per game. He is matched with Senior defensive end Aren Cobb #54. Cobb records 44 tackles, and leads the Conquistadors with 48 sack yards lost.


Making strides for a playoff push, Senior running back Duce Reynolds (#1) leads the team with 75 carries for 117 total rushing yards. He averages 139.6 yards a game, and has had 20 rushing TD’s this season. Senior QB Kenyon Williams (#6) has thrown for 2,196 total passing yards, and averages 244 per game. The Komets have an efficient ball carrier in Senior back Devon Jones (#2). Jones averages 10.8 yards per carry, and has made 20 touchdowns for the Komets this season. Our speedy receiver Demieko Hill (#3) enters week 14 with 735 receiving yards and averages 66.8 per game.

The Komets’ defense did their part in limiting the Classical Academy Caimans to 6 points in last week’s 62-6 win. On the line, we’ve got Senior D’Marco Wyatt (#58) who displays natural football instinct and reliable tackling technique with 72 total tackles this season, averaging 6.5 tackles per game. He met his season high twice with 7 solo tackles in one game.

Both teams match up in rushing yards and tackles. With Kearny at 207.3 rushing yards and Serra at 198. Kearny and Serra also match up with 52.4 tackles per game. All in all, we have two similarly talented teams going head to head in a battle for the championships this Friday. We hope to see you there!

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