Clairemont 35, Montgomery 21

A beautiful sunset overlooked the (1-2) Clairemont Chieftains and the (1-2) Montgomery Aztecs in Week 3 of San Diego high school football.

Since the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, the Clairemont Chieftains survived through a drought worse than San Diego’s water problem. They had not scorn a touchdown in either of their 2 first games. The PPR crew was just as excited as the Chieftain fans to witness, running back, Alex Beaubien run in a 7 yard touchdown run.

The long awaited touchdown did not go unanswered, Montgomery quarterback, Nate Aragon passed to Anthony Parra for a 15 yard touchdown, later in the second quarter. Chieftain quarterback, Robert McCoy, was the center of attention for a big part of the game. Aztec quarterback, Nate Aragon, did not go unnoticed when he ran in a touchdown for himself when his option was destroyed in the backfield due to a fake handoff. The entire Chieftain defense was confused when they realized Aragon still had the ball, celebrating in the end zone.

After impressive Montgomery defensive plays, the Chieftains were able to clinch two more touchdowns. The night resulted with Clairemont winning their first game of the season, 35-21. The Chieftains will meet against the (2-1) Chula Vista Spartans next Friday night. As always, expect those highlights on the world famous Prep Pigskin Report.

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