Santana Sultans 31, Clairemont Chieftains 0

After suffering a loss at home last week, Santana High School redeemed themselves by putting on a show and coming away with a big win on their home turf tonight.  In  contrast, Clairemont High’s Chieftain offense, met by a “Sultan” sea of purple, had a tough time finding a hole and struggled all evening to get things going.  The final score from tonight’s game in Santee: Sultans 31, Chieftains 0.

Sultan Quarterback Josh Oedewaldt took control early in the first quarter with a short pass to wide receiver Davon Chestnut.  Chestnut, breaking free from a ferocious Chieftain tackle, took it all the way in for the score, making it a 7-0 game (PAT good).  With a slow start to the second quarter, Santana would fail to convert on fourth down, turning the ball over to the Chieftains.  Not able to catch a break, a pass from Chieftain Quarterback Griffin Catarius found its way into the hands of Santana’s Colton Snipes for a Sultan interception.  After the turnover, Quarterback Josh Oedewaldt completed a touchdown pass to receiver Landon Wood, good for 25 yards, increasing their lead to 14-0 (PAT good).  Later in the same (2nd) quarter, the Chieftains fumbled back near their own 5 yard line, again losing possession.  Sultan offense capitalized with a hookup through the air from Oedewalt to receiver Landon Wood, good for another TD (PAT good).  The game stalled in the third quarter as both teams’ defense stepped up and made plays.  Chieftain pressure would limit yardage for Santana and keep them from scoring most of the quarter.  Owing to a much more lively Clairemont defense, the final scoring drive came from Santana’s Colton Snipes in the end of the third quarter, when he kicked a 43 yard field goal, good for 3 points, bringing the Sultan score to 31.

Be sure to tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report next week when the Clairemont Chieftains will be taking on the Montgomery Aztecs, and the Santana Sultans do battle with the Vincent Memorial Scots!

PREVIEW: The Clairemont High School Chieftains (2-1) will be on the road Friday night fighting for their third win this season in a non-conference game against Santana High School’s Sultans (1-2). 

Friday night’s game is a chance for redemption for both teams.  After suffering a devastating loss to Christian High School, 48-7, on Sultan home turf, Santana will need to step up their playing if they hope to pull off a win in front of their home crowd.  The Sultans need to get on the board early and continue to put up points throughout the game.  Their slow start in the last two games forced them to have to recoup momentum later in the game.

Clairemont’s Chieftains lost to the El Cajon Valley High’s Braves, 32-21, last Friday.  The Chieftain’s scoring trend is to come out strong in the first and third quarters, dipping in the second and fourth, so, they will want to play a consistent game if they hope to be victorious against the Sultans.   Senior Quarterbacks Griffin Catarius (Clairemont) and Josh Oedewaldt (Santana) look to lead their teams to victory, Friday night, September 15, 7:00 p.m. in Santee.

Or if you can’t make it to the game, make sure you turn in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30 to check out the highlights!

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