Clint Black debuts holiday inspired musical at Old Globe Theater

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – You probably know the name Clint Black from a search to start them in the 90’s. Now Black is throwing his cowboy hat in the ring of musicals.

“Talking to James Sasser well I just happen to meet at an event he asked me if I ever thought about doing Broadway? And I said yes I have. And I will never do Broadway. It’s too hard and he laughed and he said yeah I get it but I said I’ve thought about writing something for Broadway and that peaked his interest. And then when I told him the story of Christmas with you he thought that’s really the story we should tell.”said Black.

The singer song writer has written hundreds of songs making the progression the musical feel natural.

“I like the storytelling. When I write songs I have to think about the truth is the truth in the song and the idea of the song and so it’s a lot like flushing out a scene in a movie. Fortunately i’m surrounded by people who have done this again and again and know how to do it so I can enjoy the luxury of having good and bad ideas and having someone save me from the bad ones.”

Looking for Christmas military theme is just one of the reasons to premier it here in San Diego.

Black said “In San Diego with the military community here was an added bonus and then of course there’s the weather which is about 40° warmer than what is back home.”

Black hopes audiences will leave with the special holiday feel.

“I really really felt like I found it I found the meaning of Christmas and I really change Christmas for me. And I hope people find that in the show.” said Black.

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