Clinton’s health takes focus of 2016 presidential race

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Health has become a center focus for the Presidential race. The issue came front and center over the weekend when Hillary Clinton collapsed at a Sept. 11 memorial event and had to leave early.

In a video of the incident, Clinton staggers on her way to a waiting van, collapses as she approaches the door and had to be supported by aides.

The campaign played down the seriousness of the event saying she called aides form the vehicle to reassure them about her health.

Shortly thereafter, she emerged from daughter Chelsea’s apartment appearing in good spirits.

Dr Ted Mazer of the County Medical Society says beware of reading too much into what happened. Campaigns are grueling, you’re on the run, no sleep, and bad eating habits coupled with antibiotics.

What we witnessed on the video can be interpreted in a lot of ways but it’s not inconsistent with some of these things following on the heels of pneumonia and treatment of pneumonia,” Dr. Mazer said.

“You might see people pass out, go down, be weak, be a little bit stumbly just from the pneumonia and the affects from not keeping up with nutrition and sleep.”

Health issues are not uncommon in presidential politics, and not necessarily debilitating. Franklin Roosevelt had polio, elevated blood pressure and advanced heart disease — ailments not disclosed, yet he functioned.

Same for John Kennedy who had hyperthyroidism, back pain, Addison’s disease, and took daily doses of steroids and drugs.

But in today’s environment he probably couldn’t be elected.

“If our media and social networking were present they way they are today and those things had been made aware prior to election, I doubt that the public would have faith that he could ever been president of the United States.

Several democrats worried about the trust issue are questioning why her pneumonia diagnosis wasn’t released.

Others including California Congressman Xavier Beccera pushed back.

“Don’t make more of it that what it is…that she didn’t disclose it within the first minutes of having to leave the 911 ceremonies — that would be unreasonable,” Beccera said.

Donald Trump took the high road on Fox News.

“Somethings going on but I just hope she gets well  and gets back on the trail, and we’ll be seeing her at the debate,”Trump said.

The episode caused Clinton to cancel a trip to California today and tomorrow. Her campaign said this resulted from her being diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.

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