Cloudy weather on its way to San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diegans should expect cloudy weather for much of the rest of the week, forecasters said Sunday.

Clouds and fog were predicted overnight most days this week this week, according to the National Weather Service. Patchy fog was predicted nights and mornings from Tuesday through Friday.

Forecasters said skies would gradually clear after mid-morning each day.

Temperatures will remain in the 60-to-70 degree range throughout the region, according to the NWS. Downtown San Diego was predicted to see a high of around 64 degrees on Monday, and it would gradually warm up to 70 degrees on Friday.

Inland areas will see slightly higher temperatures. A high of 67 degrees was expected for Escondido on Monday. On Friday, the expected high was predicted to be 76.

No significant precipitation was expected for the next week in Southern California, though the northern part of the state could see some rain next weekend.

About 3.18 inches of rain have been recorded at San Diego Lindbergh Field since the start of the rainy season on Oct. 1, 2017– far below the normal amount of around 9 inches for this time of year, and even further below last year’s total of 11.7 inches by the end of March.

With the bulk of the rainy period over, the region was unlikely to see its rainfall totals increase significantly before the end of the season.

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