Coast Guard unloads six tons of seized cocaine

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) —  U.S. Coast Guard officials offloaded about six tons of cocaine Friday that was seized by four Coast Guard cutters in the drug transit zone in the Eastern Pacific from late January through February.

During the last two years, the Coast Guard sent personnel and resources to known drug transit zones, increased intelligence and investigative resources and strengthened interagency and international partnerships aimed at reducing the threat of organized crime in the Western Hemisphere, according to a statement released by the USCG.

"Cartels, gangs and criminal groups have converged to form intricate transnational organized crime networks that fuel the nation’s opiate epidemic, spread violence throughout Central and South America and have a presence in nearly every single major city in the U.S.,” the statement said. "The same criminal networks move heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs plaguing the nation."

The commanding officer of the Coast Guard Cutter Stratton will oversee the drugs being off loaded at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. 

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