College and career training at Palomar College

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Glyn Bongolan, Counseling Chair, Palomar College joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss how students can San Diegans can get free college and career training and the variety of education that’s available.

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  1. There are many paths to a FREE or nearly free education at California community colleges.
    a. Palomar Promise and similar programs promise a year of free college to graduates of local high schools.
    2. Community Colleges have flexible schedules and online classes.
    a. Our local community colleges have classes that begin at 7am, 7pm, and every hour in between. You can also work at your own pace with online classes.
    b. Community colleges are making it possible for people who work full-time to complete degrees in shorter amounts of time.
    3. Community Colleges have something for everyone.
    a. Community colleges have hundreds of career and technical programs that lead to well-paying high demand careers.
    b. Students can earn associate degrees, certificates and or degrees specifically designed to transfer to a 4-year university. Career/technical training
    i. Areas of study include HVAC, Drone Operations, Cyber Security, Child Development, and even Nursing
    c. Increased concern about student loans has savvy college freshmen turning to high-quality and less expensive community colleges to complete undergraduate coursework or train for a lucrative career.
    Calls to action/reference:
    – Visit
    – Complete your application completely online (no essay)
    – Find out how to attend an orientation – you may even be able to attend online
    – Make an appointment with counselor to make an education plan
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