Comic-Con assault leaves female minor in critical condition

A teenage girl is recovering from severe injuries in UCSD Hospital’s Trauma Center Wednesday night. Her mother from Riverside County is at her bedside. All this, after a discovery near the Comic-Con convention as the festivities came to a close this past weekend. One man is now under arrest, a Comic-Con photographer. The girl, a convention-goer. Harbor police say the two were together at a post-convention party before the girl was found injured. Her identity was not disclosed because she is a minor, and because this is a sex crime case.

It was the end of the 5-day Comic-Con celebration; a Riverside County convention attendee joined a group of party-goers after the end of the official festivities for a gathering at the Marriot Hotel next-door to the Convention Center. Hours later, hotel security found her in the swimming pool area behind the hotel bloodied and unconscious. Harbor police say she’d been beaten. She was rushed to UCSD Trauma Center, where she is being treated for injuries. The victim’s parents reported on social media she was bleeding inside her skull, but her condition was improving.

Later Sunday morning, an arrest: a 29-year-old man named Justin Kailior. The charges were sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is currently free on bail. Police say he is not charged with assault in connection with the girl’s injuries. Detectives are still investigating how she suffered the blows to the head.

A quick look online reveals what appears to be Kailior’s company Facebook page, Project Cosplay. He was apparently working as a photographer during Cosplay, the giant street costume party that has become a feature of the convention. A post on the Facebook page Wednesday stated:

“This past weekend, I attended SDCC and came back with lots of pictures, but I don’t feel it’s an appropriate time to share them due to the fact my close friend Milli was assaulted and left in critical condition at the convention. This has been a few very hard days for me. I wasn’t there for her when this happened and I regret every second. I just hope that she pulls through this with a safe and fast recovery. Please pray for her.”

The investigation continues Wednesday night into how the girl was beaten and by whom.

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