Comic-Con generates millions of dollars for San Diego economy

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Comic-Con is less than a week away, providing a big boost for local business and the San Diego economy.

Comic-Con will be marking its 47th year in San Diego and as the convention matures and grows, so do the opportunities to profit.

Jake Pescatellos is getting ready for the people who will soon be crowding his restaurant, "The Commons" just off Horton Plaza. 

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The people who book hotels, eat and drink at restaurants like Jake’s will pour millions into the San Diego economy.

The head of the tourism authority said this San Diego convention has no other rival.

This year, hotel rooms for the four-day event average close to $300 per night. Although Comic-Con fans will spend a lot for hotels. It’s only a part of a fraction of what a visitor will spend, but other businesses will also reap the benefits.

Kris Michell, who heads a group called the Downtown San Diego Partnership, said the convention also steers business to anyone who delivers a convention-related service and introduces visitors to other San Diego-based industries.

The convention also offers huge marketing opportunities. A San Diego juice maker, Suja, passed out samples to promote its brand.

San Diego can count on the windfall from Comic-Con until 2021. The convention could find another host city after 2021 if San Diego does not expand its Convention Center.

For now, no one wants to dwell on the uncertain future because there’s money to be made at this annual spectacular, an event which has no equal anywhere else on the planet. 

Not all of the spending will come from the wallets of convention goers.

Comic-Con also features some free events which are open to the public, activities which will entice more people into the Gaslamp Quarter. 

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