So many career opportunities become apparent, when Comic Con descends on us. It is a reminder of how this convention affects our economy through tourism and how a simple comic book convention has grown to become one of the leaders in pulp culture.  One thing I believe we overlook and we should be very aware of, are the lucrative jobs popping up everywhere, where STEM innovation and skills, are being used.

Everything is STEM – from the internet, to your cell phone, even calculating the revenue on a business deal, and of course in today’s climate – making movies. As things continue to become digital, STEM skills are being used in almost every industry making those skills beyond valuable.

With Millenials and the new Gen Z moving into the workforce, it is even more of an indication of how these skills will continue to distinguish success in your career. With more technology firms moving into the San Diego area and young innovative companies opening here, the non-traditional STEM careers are will allow one to gain a tremendous advantage and carve out a unique and rewarding path. So what are non-traditional STEM careers you ask? I wanted to share a few of them with you, to show the direction technology and STEM skills can take you.

3D Animation & Electronic Game Design

Millennials are coming out of college, and getting ready to capture their spots in the workforce. With a great interest in video games, a broad sense of creativity and the love of movies – in the theater or online, these new minds are stepping into a perfect transition for non-traditional STEM Careers. It may come as a surprise, but there is a lot of science behind animation and programming. Physics disciplines are used to create computer graphics, programming, and animation design.

For example, Animators use physics to create realistic surfaces, to model a character, render it, and give it proper lighting and shape with the use of computer software. You can use your STEM skills and a little creativity to move into careers in 3D animation from computer simulations to design.

Digital Marketing

Almost every company uses social media to engage with their audience to achieve the widest reach possible. Certainly during Comic Con, social media, whether Twitter, FB or Instagram was a huge way to share the convention experiences. The studios, and other vendors at the convention, bring their best digital marketing employees, to implement content gathered at their booths and around town and distribute this out via social media to their fans and followers. This drives traffic to goods and services sold on websites. The quantitative component to this position? Digital marketers must be able to track and predict conversion rates, optimize content based on those rates, work with budgets, and implement growth strategies that optimize visibility, user engagement, and sales, with minimum expenses. These skills are STEM skills.

Product Management

What is a product? A product is anything that is created; it can be a service, an app, or a new piece of hardware. The job of a product manager will take a new product from conception to reality by conducting market research, determine specifications and pricing, be responsible for the product roll out and implementing marketing strategies. A person with a mindset that is very logical and strategic. Having a deep understanding and a passion for STEM is an advantage.

Sales and Business Development

Every film requires business development and sales. The person that takes on this job must have a passion for the product, along with a strategic thought process. It requires an understanding of structuring deals, and the likelihood of success. If this mindset comes naturally to you, you can make faster decisions and outperform your competition. 

Being strategic is at the core of all STEM disciplines. So think about these key skills needed in today’s workplace. Problem solving, analytical thinking, and an independent nature. The competition is growing for employees with STEM skills, as well as jobs that support industries that use STEM skills.

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