Congress at odds over Biden’s border policies, DACA program threatened

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – DACA, a program created by the Obama administration via executive order which protects the work permits of migrants brought to the states as children by their parents, will likely soon be repealed. The Biden Administration wants to install further protections for these workers.

According to Immigration Attorney Esther Valdes Clayton, nearly half of the migrants apprehended while trying to cross into the states illegally have been allowed to stay. 80% of asylum seekers have illegitimate claims according to Clayton. Clayton’s clients have waited years, sometimes decades, to enter the states legally.

Democrats want protections for young workers, Republicans want to calm the flood of migrants entering the states illegibly.

Clayton joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney to discuss what the Biden administration can do to protect DACA, to make legal migration easier, and to prevent fraudulent asylum claims from allowing migrants into the states without going through due process.

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