Congressional District 52: The final hours

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Misinformation and personal attacks have turned the race in the 52nd Congressional District into the nastiest campaign many have witnessed in recent memory.

Both Carl DeMaio and Scott Peters offered closing statements in their final pitch to voters.

Over ten million dollars was spent on this campaign, and the lion’s share was spent on tearing apart the other guy, what the candidates call ‘offering the voters a contrast.’

The incumbent, Scott Peters, says he is offering the voters bipartisanship, saying it’s the only way to fix a broken congress.

The negative ads, he says, are a way to separate one candidate from another.

“It’s a contrast we’re trying to make. People understand that there’s a difference between the approach that we take, and that’s fair for me to point out that his politics have been pretty right-wing. He’s run away from that Tea Party background that he has, he doesn’t have a record of working together with folks,” said Peters.

Issues aside, this get together was to thank all of those who worked together on this campaign. Congressman Peters said over a million contacts were made with voters.

“It’s less than 24 hours ’til the polls open, less than 48 hours ’til we’re done. I’m sorry I make them all close, but we win the close ones, so thanks again, and let’s keep at it, and Wednesday will be full of rest and sleep,” said Peters.

The challenger, Carl DeMaio, surrounded himself with some 50 supporters whose signs were to demonstrate his campaign as a reformer who is inclusive.

“They are afraid of change, and they will do anything they possibly can to hang on to their broken system. We don’t benefit from the broken system in Washington, they benefit, and they know that I’m coming to Washington to shake things up, just like I shook things up in City Hall,” said DeMaio.

One of DeMaio’s supporters decried the negative ads, especially those that focus on character.

Tuesday night voters will make known which campaign resonated with them.

“We’ll see (Tuesday) if that’s what people want. I think it’s a pretty clear choice between me and my opponent,” said Peters.

There was quite a contrast between these two campaign events. Congressman Peters was more reflective, while Mr. DeMaio was still in full campaign mode, and will be until the polls close.

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